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Ruckus & Tucker

Ruckus Range Collar: 16mm BioThane®

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She's shiny, she's new, she's long lasting and hard wearing.

She's BioThane® BETA®.

Waterproof, dirt proof and adventure proof!

Perfect for those pups that love to wallow in the dirtiest puddle at the park, or roll in the freshly cut grass... or maybe they just find a way to get dirty every-time you visit the park. If this collar gets mucky just chuck it under the tap and give it a wipe. voila! Back to its perfect condition!
BioThane® BETA® is a soft coating that has the look and feel of leather. It has a low gloss or dull appearance. It is soft and very flexible. The leather embossing gives it the leather look. It will hold its flexibility in very cold weather. Please note the neon pink is a lot brighter than the pictures show. 

All collars come with black brass hardware, manufactured especially for dog collars and made to be super durable, rust-proof and able to withstand a high load. 


This is a 16mm width collar, length sizing is below. If you are after 20mm width: click here, or 25mm width: click here.

End loops available for $2.50 extra with purchase or $3.00 extra by themselves here.

 Small 15cm-30cm long
Small 25cm-40cm long
Medium 35cm-50cm long


Made to measure/custom sizing is available upon request, please contact us for pricing.